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Supporting XFGN

It really means the world to us that you would consider supporting XFGN! 

So how can I support XFGN?

Theres a few ways you can support us@

Follow the XFGN Socials


Vote for RPGCraft

Join RPGCraft and type "/vote" into the chat

Click on the first block, then open each link

Accept the Captcha and click Vote!

PS: If you type your Minecraft username when voting, you can use your voting points to buy things in the "/vote shop" menu!

Vote for the Insurgency Servers

XFGN #1 - Vanilla COOP
XFGN #2 - Modded COOP
XFGN #3 - Sustained Combat
XFGN #4 - Tactical Operations

You'll need to create an account on Server Ranks!

And Finally,

You can support us on Patreon

Thanks for the effort you have put into building our community!
I've had such an amazing time playing on our servers with you all and I hope to see you stick around for the long run!