Better Minecraft + Create


Better Minecraft 1.16.5 v56

Installing the Modpack

You can download the Modpack from Curseforge!


Install Curseforge

Click on the 'Download' button here:
& install the application

Download the Modpack

Click on This Link to open the Curseforge website, then click on the orange 'install' button

Install Additional Mods

Click on the orange 'install' button for the Create and Flywheel mods
Click on 'Add to Profile', then select Better Minecraft

Open Better Minecraft

Once Better MC has downloaded and the mods are installed, hover over the icon and hit 'Play'

Join the Server

Click on 'Multiplayer', then 'Add Server' and input the below
server name: XFGN Better Minecraft
server address:

Tips for New Players

Better Minecraft comes with FBT Chunks. This mod allows you to protect your chunks, force load them and share them with a party.

Check out this tutorial for a guide

Here are some additional mods we recommend:
Blood Particles
Distant Horizons (doesn't work with Shaders) OR Farsight (works with Shaders)
Falling Leaves
Effective (when the 1.16.5 port is released)


Better Minecraft does not support shaders out of the box, as Optifine is not allowed in Modpacks.
The process is a bit of a pain;

1. Open Curseforge and click on Better MC (not the play button)
2. Click on the 3 dots menu next to 'Better Minecraft [FORGE] - 1.16.5' and select 'Open Folder'
3. In the file browser, click on the 'mods' folder
4. Delete 'DynamicLights' & the 2 'Magnesium' files
5. Download Optifine from here
6. Open the Minecraft Launcher
7. At the top, click on 'Installations' tab, then 'New Installation'
8. Change the version to 1.16.5 and hit 'create'
9. Change back to the 'Play' tab and hit 'Play' and wait
10. Once Minecraft has opened, close it
11. Open the Optifine file downloaded in step 5
12. Click on 'Extract' and extract to your desktop
13. Drag the Optifine MOD file from your desktop into Curseforge

1. Open Curseforge and click into Better Minecraft
2. Click on the 3 dots near the 'play' button
3. Click on Profile Options
4. Untick 'Use System Memory Settings' and increase the RAM for Minecraft

**Please note:
You may need to experiment with how much RAM. Sometimes granting to much can give worse performance.

XFGN is hosted in Australia and a hobby project of the owner, X4RDONIAK