2021 to Now

SN01 was originally meant to be 'Storage Node 01', as I was intending on running 3 servers. 2 Hyper Visors, and a single storage server.
The 2 HV machines didn't work out, so I ended up putting everything on the one box.
SN01 is running Windows Server with HyperV for my virtual machines

Modified & Rackmounted HP Z420
Intel Xeon E5-2697v2 CPU
120GB DDR3 RAM (16GB Sticks)
2.5TB RAW SSD Storage
8TB RAW HDD Storage

We are part way through rolling out the new server infrastructure! SN01 has a new fresh install of Linux and is used 100% for running the game servers. Per the future upgrades section below, the 2 5070 Wyse clients are now in production.
We've dropped 100-150w off our power usage too!

Synology NAS - DS918+
4x 8TB Seagate Ironwolf Pro's

XFGN is using the full UniFi suite;
UniFi USG Pro 4
UniFi AP's
UniFi Switches

The game servers run on Pterodactyl Panel
The other XFGN services run on Docker
Backups are handled by Veeam B&R

My next server uprgades are currently in progress, though requires purchasing some new hardware.
SN01 has done a great job the last year and a bit but I'm becoming more concerned with power consumption and wasted compute.
I've purchased 2 Dell Wyse 5070 thin clients with J5005 CPUs. These 2 machines will take all of the low-power services running on SN01, such as DNS and Backups.
SN01 will continue to run but be used exclusively for Pterodactyl, dedicated to game server hosting.

Once I have some cashola saved up, SN01 will be replaced with a standard desktop with a 12th gen Intel CPU, either i3 or i5.
Why Intel? Great question.
Minecraft is the heaviest game server I host, which wants the best single threaded performance you can get.
As of writing, the i3 12100 is the best single thread / performance CPU you can get. They also have Intel Quicksync, which is amazing for hardware video encoding. Going down the AMD route would require a dedicated GPU.

Dualsocket Supermicro Motherboard
2x Xeon e5 5675
GTX 660
ESXi 6.5

XFGN is hosted in Australia and a hobby project of the owner, X4RDONIAK

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