Our Story

What is XFGN?

X4RDONIAK and Friends Gaming Network is a project started by X4RDONIAK, as an excuse to spend money on computers. I'm (X4RDONIAK) employed as a Service Delivery Technician and I wanted to learn about network and server administration to progress my career. 
Clicking around and enabling / disabling things you don't understand isn't be best thing to do in your employers environment, so I decided to build a Homelab!

What is a Homelab?

A homelab is a server environment in your house, built for yourself or a small group of people. Its not designed to give income (eg a businesses ICT infrastructure) but to for the homelab owner to learn and try different services.


Why XFGN? Good question - I couldn't really tell you.
I'm building the XFGN for myself and my friends, so I guess that's where it comes from!

Plus the website address looks cool!

XFGN is hosted in Victoria, Australia

XFGN is hosted in Australia and a hobby project of the owner, X4RDONIAK

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